Union(s): ACTRA

Physical Characteristics / Measurements:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Weight:160 lbs

  • Eyes:  Brown

  • Hair Color: Black

  • Hair Length: Short

Special Interests / Skills:

  • Performance Skills: Dialect Work, Opera Singing, Dance (Ballroom, Tango, Ballet, Swing, Contemporary)

  • Athletic Skills: Handball, Figure Skating, Stage Combat

  • Languages: English, German, Bulgarian, French 



Kiril Mitev was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He moved to Vienna at a young age where his Biology and Informatics education simply did not seem enough, which led him to be the school’s favourite entertainer and host for any event. This sparked a passion for performance unlike any other and he quickly felt a craving for it. At the age of 19 he made his way to Montreal to attend the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College not knowing whether he was accepted or not. The risk was worth it. He knew he would act with or without a diploma. Alas, three years later he graduated from it and is now set loose to pursue his passion for film and voice acting.

Recent encounters with the industry of video game motion capture and dubbing has sparked a peculiar interest in the business, and his love for gaming is hoped to transfer from behind the joystick, right into the fray of action packed acting for his favourite titles.