Union(s): ACTRA

Physical Characteristics / Measurements:

  • Height: 5'11"

  • Weight: 175 lbs

  • Eyes:  Blue

  • Hair Color: Dark Blonde

  • Hair Length: Short

Special Interests / Skills:

  • Performance Skills: Guitar, Singing (Baritone), Voice-Over, Improv, Impressionist, Firearms, Licensed Driver

  • Athletic Skills: Stage Combat, Boxing, Canoeing, Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, Martial Arts (Aikido [Black Belt Instructor], Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Jujutsu), Equestrian, Shooting (Rifle, Revolver), Archery, Snowmobile

  • Accents: British (BBC English, Cockney), Eastern European, German, American (New York, Cajun, Texan), Russian, Scottish, French, Canadian

Matthew Taylor


A creative and enthusiastic artist from childhood, experienced in world cultures through travel before he was a teen, introduced to art and cinema by journalist parents, Matthew’s film & television origin was as a young actor when the family would return to their home Toronto, Canada after time abroad. However, with a passion to experiment and explore all aspects possible in filmmaking, combining them with his interest in visual and material arts, he spent the next several decades developing toward the multi-talented actor, writer, filmmaker, illustrator, and painter that he is today.

Embracing those years at a time working and living abroad, as when in Ireland, Germany, Kenya, the West Coast and Vancouver, now settled in Montreal, arguably a creative & cultural capital of Canada, Matthew consistently developed and refined his crafts with continual work as actor, filmmaker and visual artist. With this rich and varied life experience, centred always around filmmaking, Matthew has balanced his passions for the arts through active memberships in multiple unions: AFBS, AITSE, DGC and ACTRA while accepting the professional work that followed.

In addition to being a versatile actor on camera, as well as voice actor in commercials and video games, his life deeply immersed in multi-disciplined arts, Matthew is an award winning short film director with professional credits as screenwriter, camera assistant, art director, assistant director and is regarded as one of Canada’s most accomplished storyboard artist whose combined experience with over 150 live-action professional credits that are the foundation to his work as a passionate and committed actor-director-artist. Matthew currently lives and works in Montreal and is producing independent projects while writing a book of short stories to be published in the spring of 2019.