Union(s): ACTRA

Physical Characteristics / Measurements:

  • Height: 5'3"

  • Weight: 135 lbs

  • Eyes: Blue

  • Hair Color: Brown

  • Hair Length: Long

Special Interests / Skills:

  • Performance Skills: Singing (Alto/Mezzo-Soprano), Voicework

  • Athletic Skills: Badminton, Ice Skating, Running, Swimming, Yoga

  • Accents: British (RP, Cockney), Southern



Olivia is an incredibly hard working and ambitious individual with a passion for performing. Her acting career began at age 9 when she was cast in the musical Annie. Ever since, she has starred in over a dozen productions and went on to earn a D.E.C in Professional Theatre at John Abbott College. 

Ever committed to refining her craft, she took part in five different workshops in 2019 alone, including the ACTRA Video Game Workshop, allowing her to break into the growing voice industry in Montreal. Olivia continues to take part in weekly film and television audition workshops held by some of Montreal’s brightest talents. 

In 2018 she co-directed The Laramie Project alongside Rob Burns, presented at John Abbot College, and with this experience she was able to continue teaching different types of acting workshops to the students. 

With acting and voice credits such as Party of Five, The Wolf’s Call, Mythos, and the play Any Night (Kerosene Theatre), Olivia continues to take part in many independent productions, including writing her own short films. She loves creating and meeting new people through art. 

Olivia is honoured to be represented by Northern Talent and is excited about any and all opportunities that lie ahead.




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